Writing Drought

I may be the only one who’s noticed, but I haven’t posted here about writing a while. I’ve posted book reviews, I’ve talked about literature and teaching, but I haven’t posted anything specifically about writing. Once I noticed the pattern, I realized why– I haven’t done any writing but blogging in a few weeks now.

Have I done writing-related work? Sure. I went to my first poetry group meeting (but had to skip the most recent one for family issues), I’ve corresponded with an editor I’ve worked with before, which may lead to an assignment, and there’s a call for submissions I’ve been mulling with an April 1 deadline. I’m even thinking about posting calls here, as a reminder for myself. But there was a rather exciting call with a March 4th deadline that I missed, and there are poems in my notebook that need to be revised or polished, and I haven’t started anything new.

Is it writer’s block? Technically, I don’t think so, since I’ve been blogging regularly, and I certainly think of my blogging as writing. I’ve been composing enough that I have a queue of them waiting, so I’m not totally blocked. I’ve been jotting down ideas, revising sentences, polishing paragraphs, so the process is there. I haven’t tried any of the traditional ways to work through it, and I haven’t tried any of the more creative ways either.

I’ve been thinking of it more as writer’s drought: the kind of condition where the ground lies fallow, and I can’t seem to muster up the mental energy to try and nourish it. There hasn’t been anything particularly new in my life, the same juggling, the same patchwork, the same sense of being pulled in many directions. But somehow lately, my creative energies have been laying low.

Recently in Environmental Club, we did a seed-planting activity with the kids involving potting soil, sunflower seeds and a pile of those plastic cups they give kids at restaurants. We read Curious George Plants A Tree and The Tiny Seed and talked about how to nurture them. Soon, I’m going to clear a space in my life and spend some time trying to nurture whatever seeds are lying below that fallow ground.

2 thoughts on “Writing Drought

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