In Bloom

Spring is busting out all over, to be sure; Field Days and proms and the great ramp-up to final exams and graduations continue apace. But in my own neck of the woods, I’m most excited about my two little flowers, who are blooming in all their glory.

We got them a little CD player-alarm clock for their bedroom recently, and they are so in love with the thrill of waking up to their favorite music (Lady Gaga, of course), of having that little responsibility all to themselves. They turn the music on now when they are picking up their room in order to earn their allowance, and when I’m lucky, they sing along loud enough for me to eavesdrop. They know how to use the microwave to heat something up for thirty seconds, they have BFFs and email addresses and a favorite clothing store (though they are only allowed to visit it very sparingly). In short, they are turning into amazing girls, and the days of the double-digit birthday don’t seem very far away at all.

This weekend, we’ll get to see Lucy’s artwork in a show put on by the art school where she’s been taking a painting and drawing class, and we’ll get to see Sophie make her stage debut with a local kid’s theater group. We are making plans for grilling, the grandparents are arriving en masse, and Sophie’s been practicing her lines and songs for weeks. The weather should be beautiful, and it’s just the kind of day I’ve been desperately needing.

So if you could see me around town this weekend, I would be the incredibly happy and proud mother of the beautiful girls, dancing of the edge of eight years old. I’ll be bustling around, getting lunch ready and making sure I have my camera, but the odds are also pretty good that the teary shine in my eyes will be hard to blink away.

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