Working It Out

Medicine Balls

Image by Beneteau Sailor via Flickr

I just got back from a four-mile walk, which is exciting not only for the exercise, but because I still went on it despite a few factors that could have worked against me:

  • cold, gray, drizzly weather
  • being at the end of the longest week of the school, in which we have our first full week of classes, plus Parents Night, and I realize how much juggling I have to do again now that summer is officially over
  • not really wanting to go, which has always been the biggest deterrent for me

So why did I go?  Well, I’m still feeling the same birthday-inspired resolve to get myself in better shape this year.  I’ve had to make a few modifications to my plan: the Zumba class was sadly canceled for good, so I’m trying to look around for another one on the weekends at other studios.  I’ve not yet made it up to my school’s indoor track to walk, but I have taken several outside walks like I did today.  Also, I started doing a core conditioning training offered at my school, which has involved crunches, medicine balls, physio balls and other instruments of torture, but that seems like a really good addition to my plan. It also uses planking, so I’ve done a few planks, but have not yet gotten into the Plank A Day Revolution fully.

I’ve been eating too much junk/convenience food since school started, but I’ve cut drastically back on my soda consumption, which is another key element of my new health plan.  I’ve had two sodas since school started, which is a big drop from my daily consumption habit. I think the junk food will taper down once I’m a little less stressed, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it during the most stressful month of the year, and what I’m most focused on is eliminating soda, as for me, targeted goals are often much easier to achieve.

I’m going to try and write about this semi-regularly to keep myself accountable, and I’m going back to Health Month for the same reason (full disclosure: Health Month is owned by a friend of ours, but I am not receiving any compensation for using the service or blogging about it).  My three rules there are: limit soda, walk twelve miles a week, do weight training twice a week (my on-campus core conditioning class).  I’m hoping to be on the Wall of Awesomeness by the end of the month, but also, I’m resolved not to give up if I don’t make it.

4 thoughts on “Working It Out

  1. Ooh, I’m interested in the HealthMonth — I’ve now poked around on the site a little and I think will try out a couple of goals (track my meals for Weight Watchers and exercise 4 days a week) and see how it works. Thanks for that recommendation. I’m trying to make a serious commitment to self-care, which I’m afraid is often not my strong suit. Good for you for taking these steps toward your own self-care!


  2. It’s certainly not my strong suit either, and I’m still trying to assemble what I’m hoping will be a winning routine for myself. I really like Health Month’s ability to track my goal and keep me focused, and I like the daily check-ins and reinforcement. See you there!


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