National Poetry Month!

Pathside poetry in Abriachan Woods

Pathside poetry in Abriachan Woods (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hooray, it’s that time of year again when we join together to celebrate poetry! Welcome to National Poetry Month!

Over the past two years, my own efforts personally and professionally have been growing steadily, and this year I’m really happy with where I am. I’m doing a modified version of March Madness poetry brackets tournament with my students again; watch for an upcoming post on how I changed it up this year, though so far last year’s winner, “Still I Rise,” is still a strong contender. My students are also working already on their public poetry projects, which have been a big hit the past few years. So far, the one I’m most excited to see is one using Oscar Wilde’s “Les Ballons” and actual balloons! Personally, I’ll be tackling the Poem-A-Day Challenge again at Poetic Asides. I completed the challenge successfully two years ago and then flamed out terribly last year, so I’m aiming for another success this year.

My free National Poetry Month poster is already hanging on my wall, and I’ve signed up for a few daily-delivery-poems by email or Twitter also. I’m ready to spend the month celebrating poetry, enjoying the excitement with my students, and seeing what fruits come of my own poetic labors.

4 thoughts on “National Poetry Month!

  1. hi,

    nice write up and links

    i looked for the free poetry poster on the link’s site,, but couldn’t find it

    if you have a link, please let me know, thanks so much ;-) sincerely,



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