Meal Planning Successes, 2/18-2/22

Slices of French Bread

Slices of French Bread (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Between the holiday weekend and a weird midweek fever and sick day for me, meal planning was a little chaotic around here this week. I decided to list the new recipes I tried that ended up being successful, instead of meandering around the gap between my plans and my reality!

What these recipes have in common is that they are twists or new techniques for basic family dishes, which made them very useful for us this week!

  • Giada Crunchy Parmesan Chicken Tenders: loved the use of buttermilk in this recipe, which made for tender chicken under the crunchy coating, a combination that is harder to achieve at home than you might think!
  • Easy Addicting Corn: basically, this is just a way to jazz up frozen corn, which is very exciting if you are me and tired of just plain boiled/steamed corn yet have children who clamor for corn. Sophie especially loved this so much, I think she would have eaten it without any other dish, and I really liked it too.
  • Homemade French Bread Pizzas: can’t believe I had never done this before, will definitely do it again.
  • Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins: made a few modifications, overall a big hit at our house.

I get discouraged often after trying a string of new recipes that are either failures or mediocre, so it’s nice to have a streak of successes too.

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